Planning Process

True Financial Planning involves a defined process. When working with Blue Rock RiversEdge, you will quickly learn that we believe in the power of a consistent, predictable client experience. Starting with our first meeting, and continuing throughout our relationship, you will find comfort in knowing what to expect and the peace of mind that comes with a comprehensive financial planning relationship.


Identify Your Goals and Collect Data – Each client has unique financial goals. Our ability to help you articulate your specific situation is the foundation of our proven planning process.


  • Review quantitative data from the Discovery Stage and a rough draft of the financial plan. Accuracy in data and a mutual agreement on the baseline plan assumptions are the foundation to a successful financial planning relationship.
  • Educate on relevant topics – Our clients certainly don’t need to be experts on financial topics. But we believe that by taking the time to completely understand those topics relevant to their specific situation, our clients gain the perspective critical to attain their long term goals.


Outline specific strategies for reaching financial goals based on financial plan. Specifically address relevant topics and needs unique to the client’s situation. These areas include but are not limited to: Risk Planning, Accumulation / Distribution Planning, Cash Flow and Tax Planning, Estate Planning, Employee Benefits Planning and Business Succession Planning.

Monitor Plan

Establish a regular schedule for meetings to ensure the plan is on track. This piece of the process is the most important because the only constant in life is change. Ensuring that change is managed efficiently and regularly will increase your chances for a successful plan.